Vacation Bible School week is over and all you want to do is put up your feet and veg out for a while, but God is calling you for more. Be sure to plan follow up to reap the most you can from your hard work! Here are 9 easy ideas to follow!

  • Share the excitement during worship! The Sunday following the end of VBS week, plan to share a song or something unique from VBS during worship. Please be sure to invite the children and families that are not members of the congregation. It’s important for the entire congregation to see and hear the kids in action! Pray together!


This personal touch goes a long way for welcoming new families into your church community.


  • Schedule visits immediately after VBS. Don’t lose the momentum of VBS by putting it off. People will never be more receptive to follow-up than they are immediately after the event. Use these visit to begin or continue a relationship with the family. Answers questions and share the fun their child(ren) had during VBS. Try sharing a cross with them as a sweet reminder!




  • Invite this family to join you at church! Deliver a printed list or chart with all the activities happening at your church such as worship, Youth and Adult Education and groups as well as scouting or groups that use your building. We love the idea to turn this chart into a placemat with VBS graphics on one side and schedule on the back. A magnet is a great idea too! This will help you to connect with parents as well as the kids. If you don’t have time to formulate a printed schedule, make one of these magnets to drop off! Add the name of your church on the front!


  • Social Fun Night! Hold an outdoor family movie night on your church lawn a few weeks after VBS ends and invite all VBS participants and the rest of the neighborhood! It would be extra special if you found a movie with a similar theme as your VBS!


  • More Social Fun! If your congregation has an annual picnic or cookout in a local park, or other all-family activity invite all VBS families too! This gives the adults an opportunity to network with other adults and families who are God centered. Guildcraft Arts & Crafts can help you with some group games. Try this…….



  • Be sure to reconnect a week or two before the fall session of Sunday school. Hosting an ice cream social or game night are two great ideas to again welcome these families into the church community.   Be sure to send them home with a reminder of the schedule for worship and other groups or programming!


  • Plan a VBS Reunion throughout the year. You don’t have to hold a big event, but plan for purposeful times for VBS participants to connect with your church and your community. Be sure to invite everyone who attended VBS to come back for more fun. Play a game from the summer and sing a few songs, offer snacks and preview what’s coming with the next VBS- make a craft from the new theme! Guildcraft Arts & Crafts has plenty of craft kits to choose from to make your planning easier!


  • Mail personal invitations for the next VBS opportunity and ask them to bring a friend! Let them know you remember them and can’t wait to see them! 



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