Five Important Reasons to use Crafts in VBS Programs

Arts and crafts are SO important in Vacation Bible School curriculum. Here are five important thoughts to consider when making decisions about using crafts in your daily rotations!


First and foremost, the project of the day is reinforcement of the bible story or concept that is being taught. While kids are engaged in the artistic process, keep the conversation going. Remind them of the take home message the bible story intends and answer questions or delve deeper. Reinforcement will aid in experience, memory and importance of what is being taught! Think about what this craft will evoke about Daniel!


Craft projects give the students something to take home with them, a physical reminder of the bible stories they worked on in VBS. With this craft, children can share with their family, or “re-tell” the stories, further reinforcing concept! These Last Supper Scenes are a perfect example!


Additionally, many children are tactile learners so creating gives those children an opportunity to “tune in” to the ideas being presented. Of course during this time, it is often the process of creating, not the product that gives the learner opportunities to explore and learn. Guildcraft Arts & Crafts have many craft kits that will aid in this tactile learning!


Along this same vein, some children are non-verbal or have a special gift for art. Engaging VBS campers in crafts provides an artistic outlet of expression for both these groups. Think about using these Criss Cross Crosses.


Sometimes, children do not have access to these materials at home so you are providing them with new experiences. These crafts become treasured souvenirs of their VBS experience! These Superbead Crosses are fun and lasting!


For children, craft time is a hands-on happy time, complete with smiles, satisfaction of a completed project of their own and pride in their work. It’s a win-win situation to include a daily craft in your VBS program!



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