Looking for something new to celebrate fall and the Halloween season? Try Trunk or Treat!!

This can be a great alternative to a traditional Halloween party or trick or treating. This type of event is often sponsored by churches. The concept is simple. For those who are not familiar, here is how Truck or Treat works: Each family decorates their car trunks, usually with a theme. On the designated day and time, cars assemble in the parking lot with their trunks open and the children go from car to car, admiring the fabulous decorations and basking in the generosity of the hand-outs! Parents are at ease for a safe, fun Halloween activity for their children. Treat hand-outs can be candy or small prizes , crafts kits or a combination of both. For optimum safety when inviting small children, daytime hours are best.

The fun part of Trunk or Treat is deciding on a decorating theme. If a Halloween theme is preferred, it’s best to stay away from scary decorations- especially if you are gearing your event toward small children. There are many other themes that can be used.

An example of how to decorate!

If you are a church who offers Vacation Bible School, this is a perfect opportunity to promote your VBS for next summer, or reuse your decorations from this past summer! Decorate your trunk with the theme of your VBS…Think of it as a sneak preview and to generate interest and excitement.

The themes can be individual or all centered on a topic, like bible stories. Each family can take a different bible story and decorate accordingly…think of all the fun you will have being creative. How would you display the story of Creation, Noah’s ark or Daniel and the Lion’s Den? Check out www.guildcraftinc.com to see great crafts and possible decorations, like backdrops.  Two favorites are the cityscape backdrop for a hero theme and luau backdrop. Just think of the fun!

Guildcraft Arts & Crafts Cityscape backdrop


Addition activities to hold in the area can be face-painting, simple crafts, like Halloween Magnets and pumpkin decorating using these stickers.

Fun for decorating pumpkins- no mess!

The Guildcraft Arts & Crafts catalog has many engaging simple crafts you may want to consider. Your youth group is a great resource for these types of activities. Your congregation may want to offer food and drink as part of your Trunk or Treat. Cider and donuts are an easy choice, but a cookout can include more members of your organization and help feed your attendees! Live music is also an option. Here is a perfect opportunity to showcase your Praise Choir or Youth Band!

You can invite people to attend from the community. Trunk or Treat is usually free but a canned good for a food pantry is an idea that most people would be happy to contribute. Another thought is to hold this event as an outreach activity and invite children from a less fortunate area or from an inner-city church or refugee families.

Encourage everyone to wear a costume. It’s fun if those displaying their trunks dress according to their theme! If you are interested, you can even have prizes for the best/most original costume and trunk.

After all this planning and work don’t neglect to promote your event! This should be at least 2-3 weeks in advance with heavy advertising the week of your event. Use a combination of posters, flyers, local newspapers, signage at church and outside the church, church bulletin and newsletters, public service announcements and word-of-mouth!

One more thought! Encourage participation; enjoy the fellowship and takes lots of pictures!

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