Perhaps you have always wanted to host Vacation Bible School at your church but either it’s never been done and you don’t know where to start or you are not certain it will be successful or more often, you think it’s bigger that you are! Read on for the confidence to begin!

It’s time to examine why you should host VBS. This is a great ministry for children! It actively engages them in activities that teach them about Jesus and His love for them. It gives adults and older youth opportunities to share their faith with children and is often as rewarding for the leaders as it is for the participants! Lastly, VBS is a wonderful outreach program to families in your community.

If you have established the need and made the commitment to lead a VBS ministry in your church, here are some tips to consider about where and how to start the process.

  • Begin with prayer. We must remember that any ministry is God driven and He will help lead you.
  • Next schedule a date and time for your program. The most popular months to hold VBS is May-August, when the children are on summer break from school. It’s best to work around holidays. Some churches choose to hold a morning session for a week while others choose evening sessions. This is often determined by geographic location of your church or demographics of your community.
  • Create a budget! Your budget should take into account funds for decorating, crafts, snacks, music and recreation. Do not let a small budget deter you. Ask for donations, sponsorships or charge a small registration fee. Don’t forget to have faith; God will provide!
  • The next big step is to choose your curriculum. There are many great publishers for VBS. To find the right one for you, research them all. One website that includes summaries and links to VBS publisher’s websites is Peruse their websites and their Facebook pages to see curriculum overviews and bible focus. Discover all their options for rotations and listen to music samples, see crafts and recreation in action, and view possible decorating ideas.
  • Once you have decided on a curriculum, order the sample kit. This is a big help, especially if it’s your first year holding VBS. The sample kit offers leader guides to allow for early planning.
  • Some churches hold preview events!  Check into them!
  • After review guides and asking God for guidance through prayer, the names of possible leaders will be evident! This is a good time to order supplies. Guildcraft Arts & Crafts is a wonderful source of quality craft kits for a reasonable price. They also have colorful, theme appropriate decorating materials! Check out some samples!



  • Now, it’s time to share the good news of VBS with your congregation and enlist and train volunteers. Training is a good time to share the leader guides and discuss expectations- yours, theirs and children’s.
  • Lastly…advertise and get the word out of the exciting VBS program coming to your church! Send a “save the date” to families in your congregation, neighborhood, organizations related to your church and ministry, groups that use your church building and to other local church communities. You can advertise on your sign, in your bulletin and newsletters, in your local papers and through other churches.

Now the fun begins. Gather your team to pray and brainstorm. Check out the Guildcraft Arts & Crafts Facebook, Pinterest,  and Guildcraft Arts & Crafts  website for ideas. Decorate to make your space inviting and most of all, have fun sharing God’s word!

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